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Using the award-winning methodology of Project FUEL, we have designed twenty life lessons from the World Wisdom Map into an interactive programme for training and teaching purposes. The module employs creative tools like poetry, arts, theatre, creative writing and performance arts. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom or an arts practitioner or a facilitator in a corporate field, the activities in the module can be used to fuel better communication, wellbeing and imagination. FUEL's methodology has been recognised as one of the world's top 100 innovations in education by Finland based organisation HundrED and adopted by the City Education Board of Antwerp, Belgium and organizations in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. This has encouraged adaptive and positive behavior in people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life including areas like mental health and personal growth.

Why this approach?

There is a flood of information available about life skills on the internet but learning it through life lessons is imperative because then it is not only informative but also authentic. Someone has already lived the lesson before sharing it to enlighten, inspire and inform someone else in the world. It is real and raw. It is also crucial in defining the statistically quantified character of the world population into a more humane one. These stories will increase relatability to the problems and motivate people to empathize. There are more than seven billion of us on Earth, and there will be no sustainable development if we cannot manage to learn from each other. Empathy encourages us to further adopt the right attitude and take corrective action.

Teaching people to learn from others, helps them acknowledge that everyone in the world brings a certain amount of unique experience and value with themselves. Most importantly, by learning via life lessons, one becomes open to learning what we might not be able to otherwise by ourselves in our own situations. And it will try to tell you things, things that if you listen closely, will become life lessons. Your life lessons. What you deciphered, interpreted, and pulled out from living the life you live. The one that changed you, in small ways and big. A lesson you never forget. A lesson that has a story behind how you learnt it. A lesson that runs deep in you. A lesson you pass on carefully, gently, willingly as others have done for you.

Use our Module

This exclusive module is free for creative use and has been lovingly put together after months of research, evaluation and feedback. We hope it empowers you to pass on human wisdom to your students in an equitable, unbiased and artistic manner.

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Co-Create a new one

We love to collaborate. Educators, designers, muralists, illustrators, musicians, photographers, social entrepreneurs and changemakers – we love them all! If you think there is a way for us to work together or if you wish to customise the module or create newer activities, connect with ushere.

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If you wish to explore more innovative educational resources developed by Project FUEL—adopt the methodology, host a workshop, organise a masterclass or design a wisdom corridor, connect with ushere.


“Project FUEL holds a valuable key to unlock learners’ hearts all around the globe. Working together with Project FUEL gave me robust tools and resources to approach teachers, and highlight the vital importance of warm and intimate relationships between students and teachers in order for the educational system to perform well. Project FUEL’s approach is in a sense truly democratic, in that it values and celebrates the hidden powers of each and every individual willing to share and learn. In doing so, it inspires students, teachers, schools and even education systems to become better versions of themselves.”

Dr. Jeroen Lauwers

Project Manager, Active Citizenship Municipal Education Antwerp

This is a model of what education can look like. They focus on holistic education and life skills using different mediums including storytelling , spoken word, and creative writing. This model could inspire other educators to see what is possible in another model of education.

HundrED Academy Member

Project FUEL designed life lessons for Menstrupedia's menstrual awareness programs for girls and educators. They are in the form of activities to teach the girls about the basics of growing up and puberty education. These activities not only help a girl to develop a body-positive image of herself and learn about periods in a positive light but also makes it absolutely comfortable for educators to conduct such sessions. FUEL's genius lies in understanding human emotions and motivations in the best possible ways. When it comes to the subject of menstruation, shame and discomfort become the human emotion that is hard to deal with, and here lies the beauty of FUEL's approach of using life lessons. Using their educational techniques, a learner can understand and maneuver through complex emotions and gain confidence in their own learning path. They might seem simple at the face value but can have a life long transformative effects on the learner. Menstrupedia is forever indebted to such a stellar partner like Project FUEL and for their contribution in the area of menstrual education at the grassroots level.

Aditi Gupta

Co-Founder, Menstrupedia

Journal for the students

Give your students a handcrafted gift of thought and wisdom. Here is a journal for them to pencil in their feelings and actions. It also allows them to carry the lessons they learn now well into their lives. A journal divided into 12 sections with five prompts/questions in each. This journal makes for a wonderful addition to life-long learning curriculums. It can also be introduced as part of a group activity at home.
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Student Journal